Jennifer Mahoney

Communications and Recruitment Manager
University Library 1170
755 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-278-4305

Jennifer Mahoney works with university personnel who have an impact on the college recruitment process and she leads the university Graduate Recruitment Council (GRC) which is a standing committee under the Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC). She develops, plans, coordinates and administer workshops/events such as the Graduate School Boot Camp, Accelerate Acceptance: The Secrets of Graduate School Admissions Speed Sessions, Recruiters Workshop, and the Graduate Expo at IUPUI. She also oversees the Graduate Non-Degree (GND) admissions process and serves as the GND administrative liaison and chief resource person for academic departments, administrative offices and GND students at IUPUI. Jennifer is the editor for the office’s e-newsletters, The GradJag (for current students) and IUPUI GradInsider (for prospective students).