Student Successes

Alan Tyson II

Ph.D. in Music Technology

What degree are you working toward?

I am working toward a Ph.D. in Music Technology

Why did you choose graduate school at IUPUI?

IUPUI had the program that I was looking for. I came to IUPUI with an understanding of what my ultimate goals were. I wanted to be in a program with faculty who were passionate about music technology and the overall success of students in the program. I am fortunate to be around faculty such as Dr. Debra Burns and Dr. Scott Deal, who are prominent researchers in their fields, and who are intentional about creating opportunities for students to succeed.

What has been your favorite academic accomplishment since you’ve been here?

My interests are Math, Music and Education.

I am particularly interested in developing software that integrates math and music in a way that can be used within the grade school educational platform.

This year, I have been able to develop a prototype application that I will be testing in the near future. My hope is that the application will be a tool to help bridge the gap and illuminate relationships between math and music.

What do you enjoy most about life in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis reminds me of a large city and a small city all in one. There are opportunities in Indianapolis that give it the “feel” of a big city, yet the culture and positive values of the city remind me of a smaller, more intimate setting.

Please provide some details about your work/research as a graduate student and/or any activities you are involved in.

As a graduate assistant, I work with Debra Burns, PhD, MT-BC and Scott Deal, DMA. Under the direction of Dr. Burns, I recruit and collect data from cancer patients who participate in a music imagery study. With Dr. Deal, we collaborate with Kenneth Fields, a professor at the Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China. I help test a beta software application called Artsmesh, a program that helps facilitate live multi-city networked music performance.