Curriculum & Academic Programs

Propose Changes to Graduate and Professional Programs

Graduate and professional program changes require formal approval by both the school dean and Graduate Affairs Committee of IUPUI. Examples of such changes include:

  • Addition or deletion of degree programs
  • Changes to curriculum requirements
  • Changes to program tracks or emphases
  • Changes to skill or language requirements
  • Changes in exam administration or policies

The IUPUI Graduate Office has outlined the approval process and the documentation required for changes to existing degrees. Information can be found on the Graduate and Professional Program Approval Process webpages »

Before proposing any changes, University Graduate School programs should consult the current University Graduate School Bulletin's "General Requirements" and "Academic Requirements," which provide broad outlines of university-accepted policies.

UGS Faculty Changes

The Membership to Graduate Faculty page details processes for graduate faculty membership, faculty appointments and changes, and endorsements to direct doctoral dissertations.

UGS Bulletin Updates

Bulletin updates are made annually. In September, programs/departments are sent an official call for updates and asked to revise their entries utilizing attached guidelines.

Deadline for submission of updates is in November.

Route the updated file to Jeff Rutherford at in the University Graduate School, who shares updates with the IUPUI Graduate Office and relevant programs and departments.