Graduate and Professional Degree Program Approval Process

Process for Proposing New Graduate and Professional Degree Programs and Changing Existing Degree Programs

The IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) oversees the approval of new graduate and professional degree programs, and changes to existing degrees. More details for each proposal type can be found below:

  • Proposing New Programs

    Specific forms and processes are used in developing new graduate and professional degree academic programs. In most cases, new programs require the involvement of the central university administration, the trustees, and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE). The forms and general processes are similar for IU and Purdue degrees. The Dean or department chair planning the new program should initially reach out to officials within the campus administration and the IUPUI Graduate Office to discuss the goals and need for a new degree program or certificate. Early discussions with partner programs and administrators on and off campus may be useful in new degree program development.

    A complete proposal for new programs or certificates should be submitted to the IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) for review.  Proposals approved by the GAC will be submitted to the campus administration for further review and distribution to the Academic Leadership Council for IU or to the Graduate Council for Purdue University. Recognizing that the review and approval process is lengthy and dependent on the schedule of IU or Purdue trustee meetings, schools requesting new programs should allow 8–12 months between school-level approval and the desired implementation of the new program for necessary campus, university, trustee, and ICHE approvals.

    The academic program approval process is based on and built around the steps required to develop and offer a new degree program; however, there are many other types of academic changes included in this process. Review the Required Approval Matrix for information on the types of approval needed for each new proposal or proposed change.

    As a basic overview, listed below are types of new proposals considered for review by the IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee.

    For other IU proposals that require approval, the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs provides all necessary information and forms.

  • Proposing Changes to Existing Degrees

    All IUPUI graduate and professional program changes require formal approval by both the school dean and the Graduate Affairs Committee. Examples of such changes include:

    • Addition or deletion of degree programs
    • Changes to curriculum requirements
    • Changes to program tracks or emphases
    • Changes to skill or language requirements
    • Changes in exam administration or policies
    • Program name change

    With the exception of program name changes, changes to existing programs typically receive final approval once the GAC approves them. In rare instances, program or certificate changes may require additional review and approvals.  Please consult the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education for more information.

    Before proposing any changes, University Graduate School programs should consult the current University Graduate School Bulletin's Policies and Procedures and Degree Requirements, which provide broad outlines of university-accepted policies.

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