IUPUI Dining Services

With 17 locations on campus, IUPUI Dining Services works to provide the most nutritious and high-quality food to the IUPUI Community. IUPUI Dining Services offers meal plans for graduate and professional students to accommodate their schedule and time on campus.

IUPUI Meal Plans offer a variety of plans to suit your needs. Elective Meal Plans are catered to students who visit campus 1 – 5 days per week, while Traditional Meal Plans are generally suited for students living on-campus. However, off-campus student may still purchase a Traditional Meal Plan. There are numerous benefits in purchasing a Meal Plan. An IUPUI Meal offers substantial cost savings, time savings and peace of mind.

Cost Savings: You will receive 14% off (9% sales tax + 5% discount) every food purchase using Dining Dollars. In addition, you will receive 12 – 46% off entry in Tower Dining using Meal Swipes. This helps in reducing costs associated with attending graduate school.

Time Savings: Convenient and accessible on-campus dining gives you more time to study, socialize and attend classes. With culinary experts preparing daily nutritious meals, you do not have to grocery shop, cook or worry about cleaning leaving you to focus solely on your academic pursuits!

Peace of Mind: You will have quick access to quality food every meal of the day – eliminating reliance on unhealthy fast food.

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